SoftSwipe® Truck/Sport Vehicle
 Shoe & Tread Cleaner

 $19.95 Each - #SSTSV


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SoftSwipe has just introduced a footwear tread cleaner model that can easily be mounted
on any type of vehicle. It is 6" in diameter and weighs 10 oz. It is perfect for anything from
tractor trailers to 4 wheelers. It comes with 2 mounting screws and can be mounted in your
prefered location. It is compound molded with a rigid base and flexible top rods for cleaning
debris from footwear and keeping your interior cleaner. Keeping mud and debris off your
shoes and boots also gives better traction with foot pedals which is a safety issue.


U.S. PATENTS: 6076222, 6256830, 6374449, 6553603

Proudly Made in the USA

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