Jolly Works, Inc. is a Sub-S Corporation that was formed in 1986 in Madison, North Carolina. We are a product development and engineering company that designs, patents, and manufactures simple products that solve everyday problems.

We see companies that come out with products, all the time, that are complicated and really donít need to be.

Our first product was the golf car mounted SoftSwipe® Cleat Cleaner. It was designed to address the clogging issue associated with the new non-metal golf spikes. We moved forward from there to develop the products you see on this site.

We would like to hear from you about ideas that you might have. We have helped several who had an idea and didnít know how to develop it affordably.

Please contact me at, , if you would like to discuss your idea.

Best regards,

Al Jolly, President
Jolly Works, Inc.

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